The vente-privee group has consolidated its various European brands, together made up of 6000 employees, under one unified conglomerate : Veepee. This coalescence marks a new chapter in its European history.

With Privalia in Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil, Vente-exclusive in the Benelux region, Designer & Friends in Denmark, Zlotewyprzedaze in Poland, Eboutic in Switzerland, and vente-privee in France and Germany, Veepee achieved a 3.7 billion Euro turnover (tax included) as of 2018. Present in 14 countries now, Veepee is taking a leading role in the European digital commerce landscape.

These last years, the group has initiated a decisive transformation to go from a fashion retailer to a real multi-specialist online shop with it’s own distinct fashion, home, travel, sport, beauty, kids, food&beverage and entertainment universes. Our 72 million members have access to high-end brands across these domains through private online sales with a welcoming and meaningful online experience.

The group emphasizes the importance and future of European tech. Acquiring start-ups, incubators, and supporting digital R&D efforts has been a catalyst for growth for Veepee. It’s partners and clients have benefited from their close association to European tech as it has accelerated international development and enhanced operational effectiveness.

It’s our range of various complimentary brands that add value and solidify our transformation into a multi-specialist online shop.

Brands such as weezevent and panda ticket, prominent in the entertainment industry, and Le petit ballon, equally renowned in the world of wine and gastronomy, not only enable us to diversify our offer, but legitimize our roles and lend credibility in their respective sectors.

When it comes to innovation and data, adot and Impulse have far-reaching effects that bring the entire group, including the services we provide, up to speed.


At Veepee, diversity (gender equality, social or cultural diversity...) is part of our corporate culture, shared by all staff. 60% of the Veepee’s workforce in France are women. At Comex level, 40% of leaders are women.

Since September 2018 and "the law for freedom to choose his own professional future", companies are now obliged to publish (every March, 1st) a "Gender Equality Index". This index, which takes the form of a score out of 100, consists of five main indicators that assess the wage inequalities between women and men within companies.

The 2018 index for Veepee France is 80/100. We are actively working to further improve this score, and we are committed to continue with our non-discrimination mindset, part of our DNA since the first days. Naturally implemented on a daily basis at Veepee, it is a key factor in our culture, which contributes nowadays to our international adventure.

Gender Equality

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